Thursday, March 25

Antiques, Music, and S'more

I had such a great day today with my lovely friend Lane! We went to thrift shops and antique stores, and had yummy ice cream cones.
I found this awesome pair of shoes at a thrift shop. Lane thinks they are ugly, but I love them! Hahaha. I also found a Mamiya NC1000. Seven bucks! Super score. It is in great condition. I am absolutely thrilled with it. I feel so blessed finding vintage cameras for a steal. I think its God's way of providing me with apparatus' to express the creativity he has shown me. That's my deep thought for the night.
I got some film developed this afternoon. The dollar camera's film didn't turn out :( It might have a light leak. I will probably try it again just to make sure I just didn't do anything wrong. I also developed a roll from my Minolta. The two pictures of Hunter are of him eating a cookie sandwich. Hahaha, please note the cookie around his mouth! I really like how those two turned out. There were a few more I liked that I might post later.
We are definitely looking forward to a fun weekend. Tomorrow I think my mom and I are going yard-saling in the morning, as long as it doesn't rain. Then in the afternoon, Hunter and I are heading over to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta for the Wilco show! And saturday we are going to see needtobreathe! Soooo excited. Do you guys have any fun plans?

xoxo hannah


  1. Those shoes look great and so new! congrats on your buy.

    PS: i'm hosting a giveaway at my blog and would love for you to enter:

  2. Thanks! I don't think they were ever worn.
    I'd love to check out the giveaway and your blog! I will right now :)

  3. hahah the cookie sandwich around the mouth.. i love it. thats really the only way to eat a cookie.
    and i love the shoes!!
    bummer about the film.. at least the camera was only a doller!!

  4. Hey hannah banana i did a giveaway at my blog come check it out :)

  5. YEAH! well i've lived there for 10 years but now i go to school in knoxville. so i go back for breaks and random weekends!

  6. Oh Cool!
    I have Family there.
    My Uncle is a dj at a christian radio station there.

  7. It's 88.7 lol
    His radio name is Wally.
    He is a fun guy.