Saturday, April 24

My. Morning. Jacket.

Heya. My apologies for the blogging hiatus, that's just how it seems to go for us. We'll blog a bunch in a day or week and then not post a thing for another week. Hahah. Anywho, Hunter and I saw My Morning Jacket (which is Hunter's absolute-favorite-band-ever) last night at Chastain Park in Atlanta. The show was incredible. We managed to sneak up to the very front of the stage and enjoy the entire concert standing right in front of Jim James. Between songs Hunter yelled "Jim James, you are my hero" which provoked a smile on Jim's face, and he bent down and shook Hunter's hand. Needless to say, this made Hunter's night. (Week. Month. Year. Maybe life.) We also snagged the set list at the end of the show, which my mom told me is stealing, but c'mon. Its not stealing. They throw that list away. Its meant for the fans. Here's a couple pictures I took with my phone.

I don't know if any of you are familiar with the band, but they play this weird thing called an Omnichord. Its pretty cool. I have to find one now. They were made in the 80's and were a cheap-order-from-your-tv type deal. Now they go for hundreds of dollars. Eeek. We are hoping to find one at goodwill or somewhere.
Here's a video of Jim playing one (he starts playing 40 seconds in), and a video of some random girl.

Now is that not the the coolest thing ever.



  1. my morning jacket is such a great band! i love them.
    and getting the set list is the BEST! i remember when i got the set list from sonic youth at their concert and it made my year!
    and congrats to hunter for shaking jim's hand!!!

  2. what a fun concert! and yeah, omnichords are hard to find now. boo! but good luck in your search!