Monday, April 12

Yep, I'm domestic.

Look who knows how to cook... I do! Haha. Tonight I made dinner for my fam. Vegetarian succotash and banana pudding! I even heated up sausages for my dad and brother who are the carnivores of the family. Can you tell I'm really quite proud of myself? Haha. If any of you want to make the succotash, I highly recommend it. Its super quick and easy to make and tastes really good too! All you have to do is heat up the butter and olive oil (medium heat), add the onions and let them caramelize, then add the garlic and let it go for about a minute, then add the lima beans and let them cook up for about 5 minutes or so, then the corn and tomatoes for a minute or two, then you remove the pan from the heat and add the fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar. It calls for white balsamic, but we always just use the regular brown balsamic. Let me know if you try it out, and how you like it!

Before dinner, we went on a bike ride and I made a woman down the street angry by circling her driveway. It was actually pretty funny. I didn't think anyone was home, and her driveway was just so enticing. It was a big loop. I went around it twice before my parents told me to get back on the road. The best part is I was already down the street when the woman opened her front door and gave my parents an angry look. Hahahaha. I won't do that again. But hey, I wouldn't be upset if a friendly teenager wanted to ride his/her bike on my driveway because it was exciting or cool. Sometimes I just don't understand people.

I am almost finished with the giveaway! I believe it will be posted on Friday, so check back soon!

Well, have a good night, and a good day tomorrow.

xoxo hannah


  1. AHHHHH banana pudding is my fave!!
    that looks so yum!
    and a bike ride sounds like perfection!!

  2. The picture of me was posted without permission. If not removed immediately the naked baby in the bathtub will go on FB. Mama Bear!!

  3. Okay mom, you are ridiculous. We do not have any more naked baby pics of me. I destroyed them all. But here you go, I took your picture off for you.