Tuesday, May 18

happy happy happy.

Happy birthday to my AMAZING mom :) I spent the whole day hanging out with her, and we had a blast. Got our hair and nails done, starbucks for lunch, and did some window shopping. I made a yummy mediterranean polenta dish for her birthday dinner. It turned out really good! I was so proud of myself, especially for not having a recipe. It had red peppers, sweet onions, lots of garlic, avocados, and a tangy balsamic kick. Everyone loved it :)
Plus, our dear friend Anna (who did our hair this morning) brought my mom an awesome chocolate dessert. Chocolate is heaven's food. Period.

My lovely parents :)

Oh, and fyi, I'm GRADUATING! Smell ya later highschool! Here are a couple of my cheesy graduation pics...

Sort of embarrassing but I thought I'd share them anyway.

Have a good night!


  1. Hell yeah man, graduation is next friday and I am so excited! Love the header of this blog! So cute.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  2. Happy b-day pam!! I want that cake oh so bad where is my piece? ;)

  3. I'm totally with you! So excited! And thanks :) I'll check out your blog!

    Hah, Lane I think I ate your piece :) We'll have to get some of that cake one day.

  4. Aww, Hannah, you're too sweet!
    I love you, can't wait to go riding tonight!

  5. happy birthday to your momma! and WHAT A CUTE DRESS! you look Adorable in those pics!