Friday, June 4

finally. lazy girl.

Here's some pics from our Savannah trip! It has taken me FOREVER to put some up, haha. I have been so lazy. Plus, they take so long to upload. We took a lot more that I might add in a day or so, but this is as many as my patience will allow for the time being! haha.

This picture is from right before we got completely soaked... did I mention that the day we arrived a huge water fight amidst the entire island was beginning?? Yep. Every year, Tybee has a water parade to start off the summer. Basically a huge water fight between everyone on the entire island. Its so fun. There are only two rules: 1. No soaking the police and 2. No water balloons. Its pretty much amazing. People lined the streets with hoses and water guns and buckets full of water. We filled up a huge tub of water on the deck and dumped it on people walking on the sidewalk below. It cannot be put into words how satisfying it is to soak someone. Naturally, Hunter and I ended up soaking each other too.

We thought this sign was funny. We joined the club.

This guy was playing his guitar in the park. An artist attending SCAD painted it for him.

We looooved Zunzi's! Its a tiny place with outside seating only, and these big colorful umbrellas. It was so so tasty. I had some yummy hummus and pita bread and rooibus tea!

These flowers are so pretty! Hunter picked one and stuck it in my hair :) So sweet. It fell out when we went riding our bikes that night.. :(

Well, I might add more pictures later, but I really need to get busy now. I have applications to fill out and drop off. I need a job! Talk to ya later.

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