Tuesday, August 24

Tasty Salad Recipeee!

Okay, kids. I'm not sure why I've been posting so many recipes lately, but here goes another. This salad is SO GOOD, and its really quick and easy to make. It's definitely a favorite of Hunter's and mine. Now, if you are a mayonnaise hater, please don't turn away in disgust- I absolutely HATE mayonnaise, but there is very little in this and you can't even taste it. I promise! Try it out!



  1. mmmm so yummy!!! I must make this asap!!!

  2. Mmmmmmmm, yumelicious. I'm making this too!!!

  3. Thanks for the follow! It's so cute you have blog together, and I've added your button to my page :-)

  4. Aw thanks Alice! Your blog is just so cute! And I love your little picture!

    hannah :)

  5. Aw thank you! It doesn't seem to be displaying the image on your page. I've just trimmed the code on my page if you wanna try again when you have a second :-) Looking forward to your posts!

  6. Oh I see that! Oops! Haha I will fix it tomorrow, I'm on my iPod right now and it won't let me mess with it!

    Goodnight! :)