Thursday, September 2

Wowzers, 30 followers.

That may not sound like a big deal, but to us it is. Hahaha. It amazes me that there's that many people that actually care to read about our life and adventures and such. You guys are cool.

Just a few pictures from yesterday. The weather was gorgeous so we took a little lunch to the river park. I can't wait for fall lighting and colors. The tones can be so harsh in summertime.

I was thinking of turning one of the bottom two pictures into a new button.. which one? hmm.

I'm going to experiment with a hummus recipe tonight, if it turns out well I will be sure to post the recipe! I practically live off of hummus, so I figure I should learn how to make it! Haha

Have a lovely afternoon!

oh, and p.s.
I've really been liking this band lately.


  1. awwww, sweet photos, LOVE the first! And Sleeping At Last is amazing!!! Ever seen them in concert?

  2. I actually just started listening to them! I only have a few songs by them, but they are so lovely. I would love to get more of their music. Have you seen them live??

  3. 31 now :) and I'm a Hannah too!! Well I go by Han sometimes and get called Hannie or Anna which is kinda funny

  4. cute pictures!! and i'm off to check out that band right now. i love new music. happy weekend!

  5. i like the very last picture for a button : )

  6. Great pictures! I love them! You guys are real cute together!

  7. Hooray! Nice to meet you Han :)
    Aw thanks Katlin :)
    Happy weekend to you too Kim! :)

  8. I'm so glad that you found my blog so that I could, in turn, find yours! I can't wait to read more of your ridiculously cute relationship! By the way, I finally purchased my own fedora and am in love with it =) I sing songs about it sometimes. no, really. I do.

    And the "perspective" post prior to this was truly something inspring!

  9. Aww what a sweet comment! I love your blog! I think it is simply the cutest.
    Yay for the fedora! I looove mine.
    I'm so glad you found my picture inspiring :) that means so much to me!
    Hannah :)

  10. YOU TWO ARE THEE...THEE most amazing+cutest couple!
    And I thought Lourens and I were, I think you guys beat us:D

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with your blog.
    It's great && very inspirational.

    Happy to be following you<3


  11. Aww so sweet you are! Thank you! That makes me so happy, haha. I'm totally going to go check out your blog right now! :)

  12. Love the pictures - I say use the penultimate photo for your new button, and put the writing in the grass!