Monday, January 10


Look what happened to my finger! 
I cut myself with a box cutter at work.
It was brand new and sliced through my finger like soft butter.
I had never seen blood come out like that in my entire life.
Wah wah wahhh.

On a better note, my friend Emily and I are starting an Etsy shop together!

Yayay! Stay tuned :)


Oh, and P.S., We are currently in a snow storm, ten inches in my yard!
I will post pictures soon!


  1. aaw, doesn't that hurt really bad. Good luck! (:

  2. My gosh! Hope that heals up quickly!
    As for an Etsy shop, I cannot wait! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you're okay but heal quick! Deep cuts are so scary- I don't really mind blood, but when my ex cut his finger quite similar to yours I almost fainted! Update blog again soon ok? Hope you guys had a great Valentines Day.