Friday, April 1

Decor Crush.

I have discovered that I, as well as Hunter, have very eclectic taste. We love mixing soft and dainty with rough and textured pieces. And we love practically everything that is old.  We are old souls. My mom has always told me I was born in the wrong decade. 

I am in love with wallpaper patterns like these. If I could find the right pattern, I would love to do something similar in our dining room. I think it would be stunning.

Pretty kitchen. Swoon.

I am a fan of cluttered walls.

That is it for tonight. Just wanted to share some of my inspirations.
XO. H.


  1. Gosh! So much cuteness! I just wanna tear up my house and put in some wallpaper and tack up paper cranes and old letters to my walls now. Congrats on the new house, it looks perfect, basically. Oh and thanks for the little music links down there VVV Starbucks music is never bland. P.s. wanna trade buttons?

  2. I'm the same way. I love cluttered walls. I have a collection of cute uniquely shaped cork boards that I have hanging in my office.
    I wish I could splash them around my house with pictures of my husband and I and things we love.

    The problem is... my husband grew up in a very modern home. Decorated with cold silver, all modern, spic and span. My husband thinks the homeliness of hanging pictures on the fridge, notes on bulletin boards, etc. is "trashy".

    I'm going crazy.
    Oh well.