Monday, March 22

I wish someone would read our blog...

These are some pictures of a cookie cake we built.


  1. other than your mamma bear?

  2. first off let me say how happy i was to have some bon iver playing when i arrived on your most wonderful blog!!! the header is absolutely adorable.
    and that cookie cake looks ridiculously delicious!! everything is always better when its giant AND heart shaped!!

    count me in with mama bear to be reading your blog!! i love it!

  3. You are too sweet!
    I discovered your blog today and LOVE it!
    Glad to hear you enjoy Bon Iver :)
    Hunter actually made the header, and I'm way impressed, haha.
    The cookie heart was delicious. It had chocolate chips, almonds, walnuts, and pecans! Hahaha we went a little "nutty".

    Hannah :)