Tuesday, March 23

Spring is Here! Hallelujah!

tehehehe I think this is such a ridiculous picture..

Flowers, weeds, whatever- they are so pretty!

Loving the change of colors.

New to my collection! A Sitacon ST-3X. Found it for a buck at Goodwill. I took a roll this afternoon, and hopefully will get it developed tomorrow. I am anxious to see the results. Does anyone know anything about this camera? All I could find out is that its from the 80's. Hmm.

xoxo hannah


  1. Sadly I don't know anything about it but its awful cute you gotta let me see the pictures aaannnddd the cookie cake looks SO good omg!!!!!! aaaaannnndddd Hunter the header is very impressive

  2. Your blog is soooo cute!! I am follower !

  3. Aww, you guys are so sweet
    Thanks Justinne!
    tell your friends to follow us too!

  4. oh geez, you guys are WAY too cute! love your little blog here... it's so happy! :D

  5. :)
    thanks so much!
    We have been updating it for a while with like 2 followers, lol.
    thanks for looking at it!
    We get so excited when people read our posts.

  6. i can't believe you found that camera for a dollla!! crazziness!
    hooray for spring! and that picture is ridiculously awesome.

    {AH the follower box.. for some reason i didn't see it there yesterday!}

  7. Goodwill sista!
    that's where all the deals are!