Tuesday, March 30

Possible Giveaway! Maybe?!

Yummy dark chocolate covered strawberries I made last night! Mmmm.

Okay, so it seems like all the cool blogs these days are having awesome giveaways, so naturally Hunter and I would really like to join in. If we can get enough responses of interest we will definitely start putting together a nice little prize. We already have some ideas cooking :) So let us know if you would be interested, and we will post a giveaway for you to enter!

xoxo hannah


  1. YEAH I WOULD!!!
    and those strawberries look yum yum yum!!

  2. Woo-Hoo! strawberries and giveaways... what a wonderful blog! :)

  3. Chelsea- The strawberries are sooo good! You put so many yummy looking things on your blog! I love to bake too :)

    Kimbirdy- Thanks for being so sweet and encouraging!

    We are working on what will be in the giveaway, I'm hoping to post it no later than the weekend!

    Hannah :)

  4. oh those chocolate strawberries look superb! I want some in my tummy right now.

    Oh I do agree, awesome blogs are giving away so much lovely things and I can't even decide on what to do with my giveaway. But all is time and time will tell whether I'm cool enough to do one.

    following you dear! love the blog!

    LÉS Mm

  5. Hey, thanks so much!
    Your blog is so nice, I think you could put together a nice giveaway.
    Thanks for following us, we need all we can get :)