Friday, April 2

Good Friday!

Heya, hope everyone has had a good week so far. The weather has been outrageous, I love it! Hunter and I went on a bike ride yesterday at the park and tested out my new bike! We sold my other one, which was a bit too big for me, but I found a Schwinn Sprint at a thrift store that fits me perfectly! Its bright blue and super cute. I just have to get used to shifting the gears.. Blah.

xoxo hannah


  1. Thanks! I took them with my $7 Mamiya!


  2. I LOVE those pictures!! Gorgeous! Making me want one of those cameras :)

    (Glad the bike ended up workin good)

    Much love, Lane

  3. Thanks Lane! Yeah, I'm definitely adoring my new/old cam. I'm working on another roll now.
    My bike is soo cute! We should go riding soon.