Wednesday, June 23

6 months in Heaven.

Today was mine and Hannah's 6 month mark. It has been so incredible! She has come into my life and revolutionized it. I am so grateful for her!

I love calling her every night and falling asleep to the sound of her voice, I love waking and sending her sweet text messages of how much she means to me, I love everything about this girl.

She inspires me everyday! I wish my heart was as beautiful and compassionate as hers. Hannah has been teaching a sunday school class for a group of middle school girls for the past several years. She loves them. She devotes 110% of herself to instilling great values in these girls and to show them the true love that only Jesus Christ can offer. next month Hannah is going to Brazil with a small mission team to share the word of God to children who live in poverty. Hannah carries the weight of the world on her back, showing love and compassion to all. She amazes me in how much she can care for others.

Hannah and I have this little leather journal that we write love letters in. We pass the journal back and forth between each of our visits. Every excerpt of hers is full of raw emotion. It is as if she poured her heart out onto the pages of the journal and used her love as the ink to tell me what I mean to her. I get goose bumps every time she reminds me of her feelings for me. To think that through al my flaws she could feel this way, I could never let go of her.

I sincerely hope that everyone can taste love like I have with her, Hannah means the world to me.

It's late and I'm about to call her before she falls asleep.

sorry this might be cheesey and full of typos, I just it was worth noting in our blog.


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  1. Sweetest words from a true love~