Saturday, June 19

something or other..

Blah blah blah. I'm brain dead. It has been such a hot day. I spent the morning washing cars with a group from my church that is going to Brazil. Did I mention I'm going to Brazil next month?? Oh, well I am. It's CRAZY. It hasn't really clicked in my head yet. Anyways, its going to be an incredible trip. We will be working with the student ministry that our church started there a couple years ago. I'll share more of the details with you guys as it gets closer.

Now here's a bit of randomness to share.

The ever-so-sweet Hunter doodled this on my arm the other day, haha.
In case you didn't already know, he likes to call me scooter.

I was late night painting thursday. I like to make a mess.

Cucumber eyes? hah, I don't know. He's cute.

My friend Em posted this on my facebook. Made my day. I want this kitten.

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