Friday, July 30

Realidade Vertical

Heya! I'm back from Brasil! I've actually been back since last wednesday, but I've been so tired, and sick too. Yuck. Anyways, I'm definitely feeling a lot better now. The extra sleep and antibiotics have worked like a charm. My trip was amazing. I don't even know where to begin, so I think I'll just start with a few pictures...

We flew on a plane for about 12 hours- from Atlanta to New York, then New York to Sao Paulo. It was my first flight. Ever.
I absolutely love the view, I just hate the thought of being suspended that high in the sky, and in such a heavy object. Its really intimidating.
After landing in Sao Paulo, we took a 7 hour bus ride to Londrina, Brasil.
The buses were super nice, plus we had this gorgeous sunset to admire outside the window.

We spent four days working at a partner church in Londrina.
Capela Da Graca, which means Church of Grace.

We totally refreshed the church. It looked so beautiful.

We painted the walls in the children's rooms with all sorts of bright flowers, bugs, fish, and birds.

This large room was going to be divided into several small classrooms when it was all finished.

My jelly fish! They remind me of Sponge Bob, haha.

Soooo, Hunter gave me this "Coke" shirt of his to take to Brasil. Obviously, he thought it was a Coca-Cola shirt written in Portuguese. However, the Brazilians informed me that it is actually some sort of Brazilian vodka. Hahaha. So I was a walking advertisement for this beverage. "Drink Cachaca"
They thought it was hilarious.

We went to a food festival one of the nights for dinner. It had some crazy unusual foods. The square pockets above are called pastels. They're basically just fried meet and cheese pockets. Or something like that. I didn't eat them.
I did have some fresh mango and strawberries though. So good.

On our free day we went to a hippie market. Handmade jewelry, bags, shoes.

This is just a view of the city from our van. It reminded me of Atlanta from a distance.

The sky was so gorgeous.

We had a weekend camp for the Brazilian high schoolers. It was life changing. It was the most beautiful thing to watch God at work in their lives.

Late night bonfire, marshmallows, and an acoustic guitar.

One of the Brazilians was playing with a stick that's end was on fire. He was twirling it around and I asked him to let me take his picture.
When he saw what the picture looked like, he lit it up again and we took another.

The cabins we stayed in were so cute!

On our last day in Brazil, we went to Angel Falls. It was gorgeous! Beyond words.
There is a huge rainbow (multiple actually) that wraps around the Falls.
It doesn't even look real.

Some of the lovely ladies on our team. They are all so beautiful!

Flavia. I miss her so much!

Twins, Yam and Yasmin. They're both totally awesome.

I have so many pictures, its ridiculous. Hopefully I'll add more later. It has taken me forever just to get these on, haha.

Well, talk to you later! Have a good night!


  1. The more I see pictures and hear about the trip the more I wish I coulda gone...I'd give anything to see angel falls

  2. WOOHOO, looks and sounds amazing! I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Thanks :) I am feeling so much better.

  4. Wow! What an awesome experience! And I love the art.

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