Friday, July 16


Heya guys, I'm leaving for Londrina, Brazil today! Since I still have packing to do, I will have to keep this short and sweet, haha. Hunter is also going on a road trip with a friend while I'm gone.
I've got way too much to get done this morning! Soooo, I'll have to leave you here for now. What a crappy blog post, I know, but I didn't want to leave without saying bye! I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. See you in eleven days! We will bring lots of pictures back :)



  1. Hey guyses, I stumbled upon y'all's blog today and I absolutely love it, you guys inspire me, if you will! Hannah, I love your Flickr, I'm into photography myself! I hope you don't think I'm creepy, I just like this blog! :)

  2. aww, thank you so much!
    We creeped a little bit on your blog too... :)
    Did you know Hannah was home schooled through out High School?
    Thought that was cool.

    Thanks for checking out our blog!
    Tell your friends, as you can see we have a pretty weak following.

    I'm not even sure if any of our followers look at our blog anymore.
    we get hardly any comments.


  3. That IS really cool, I think it's awesome we're both Hannah's too! :)
    No problem, thanks for you guyses understanding!
    Since no one else comments, I'll comment for everyone else. :) And you guyses keep up the AMAZING work here!!!