Friday, October 22

Sometimes...I really miss my short hair.

But it will look cute long... right?

the glamourai.


  1. it will definitley look cute long! no doubt!

  2. short or long...cute cute cute :)

  3. Dude!!! We're going through the same phase now!!! Around this time last year I chopped all my hair off and had super-short guy hair. It's grown so much since then, passing slightly below my shoulders. It's so fun to play with and I love how my hair feels when I'm biking against the wind really fast. But I also miss the edginess and low maintenance of short hair. Arggg I'm so conflicted! I think you should grow your hair out for winter, it's kinda a good way of keeping your neck warm teehee. And besides, knitted winter hats look soo much cuter with longer hair. But no matter what you decide to do to your hair, I'm sure it'll be super cute :)

  4. Aw thanks for all of the encouragement! You are all such sweeties. I think it will look cute long...

    Briana- You are adorable, and I think we have to be friends. Haha.

    I definitely had boy hair, and it was so much fun. Hunter loved it. I think it's just at an awkward length right now. It is really testing my patience, haha.

    XO. hannah.

  5. I really think I will miss my short hair when it is finally grown out, too! I am looking forward to growing it out so muuuuch, though! Anyway, how are you? Good I hope! :)

    love, polly

  6. yes! it will look so cute long too. and if you hate it, then you can chop it off with the satisfaction of "now i know." i've had all sorts of hairstyles {super short and super long} so i really feel for you during the weird in-between phase. it seems to last so long right?! blerg!