Wednesday, October 27

What makes you feel free?

We would love to know.


  1. Being able to leave makes me feel free. I can't wait till I complete my current obligations so that I can hit the road again. Can't wait till there's nothing left to hold me in my current location.

  2. Playing guitar makes me feel free and holding hands with people!
    What were you playing? :)

  3. I feel free when I can go to bed at night without setting an alarm for morning. Being able to sleep until whenever the hell you want is very freeing. =]

  4. Kae Lani- That sounds lovely! I hope you have a wonderful adventure :)

    Hannah- I was playing Mumford and Sons :) oh, and I do love holding hands too! It feels comforting and safe.

    Jamie- I love that feeling! I just love falling asleep.

  5. Singing as loud as I want, bicycling (because I love the wind through my hair :-) and hanging out with the hubby.

    p.s. almost forgot - I do love driving, but I can't here, because I don't know how to drive stick yet.

    Sweet post!